Problem creating partition with Diskpart for OS X install

When preparing your hard drive for an OS X 86 install you will generally need to create an active partition with an id=af using the commands below.

list disk
select disk x [x is the number of the disk where you want to install your leopard on it]
list partition [Now diskpart should tell you there’s no partition on the disk, if it show up a partition go ahead and type delete partition]
create partition primary id=af

Unfortunately sometimes when you reach the line “create partition primary id=af” you may hit a snag when diskpart brings up an error message stating “the arguements specified for this command are not valid”.

To fix this, you need to go the disk management facility in windows (right click my computer – manage) then storage. Select the disk and right click it, it should now offer you an option to “Convert to MBR disk”. This is instead of GPT. Select this and retry the create partition command. The partition should now successfully create!

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