Restoring Apple TV 2 [1601] [1602]

1. Using a USB cable plug your AppleTV in to your Mac/PC and open iTunes.

2. If when restoring your apple tv 2 you get the error 1601 try plugging in the power cable.

3. This may then cause the error 1602 on second restoration.

4. Now unplug the power and restore for a third time, this should now be successful.┬áIf your Apple TV 2 won’t boot at this point hold down the menu and play button when plugging in the USB cable.

5. Plug back into your TV and you should be at the setup menu. (When plugging into your tv and turning up your Apple TV may take a couple of minutes to initialise.

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  1. codefish says:

    Thanks for this tip. Worked perfectly after spending a lot of time trying to follow many other fruitless suggestions. If you are looking for a trick to get past the 1602 error in 5.1.1 using iTunes with Mac 10.8.2, this may help you out.

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