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Dell B1160w on OS X

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To install the Dell B1160w laser printer on OS X you need to download the Samsung ML-2525w driver.

1. Download the Samsung Driver for OS X from here.

2. Install the software (Printer Driver

3. Open system preferences > printers

4. Add a new printer, your network will pick it up through Bonjour as a Dell B1160w Mono Laser Printer

5. Under the select ‘Use’ box pick ‘Select software’

6. Search for Samsung and select ‘Samsung ML-2525w’

7. Click OK – try to print a test page.


Useful OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

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Here are a selection of great OS X shortcuts:

cmd + shift + 3 – screenshot
cmd + shift + 3 – cropped screenshot
cmd + shift + 3 then press spacebar will crop the screenshot around the current window

ctrl + cmd + space – full emoji keyboard

cmd + ~ – switches between windows in same application

shift + option when changing volume uses quarter increments

cmd + option + shift + V – paste & match text formatting

cmd + space – shows spotlight

cmd + H – hides active application

cmd + opt + H – hides all windows not in focus

alt + backspace – delete a whole word instead of a letter at a time

control + command + power (eject) – system restart

cmd + shift + i (from a Safari or Chrome) – creates a new email with the URL of the page you were visiting in the body

control + d – replicates the ‘Delete’ key from non-mac keyboards

option + right click on a dock app to show force quit

option + click on wifi icon in menu bar to show wireless speed, strength and other useful details

Thanks to for some of these.

Restoring Apple TV 2 [1601] [1602]

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1. Using a USB cable plug your AppleTV in to your Mac/PC and open iTunes.

2. If when restoring your apple tv 2 you get the error 1601 try plugging in the power cable.

3. This may then cause the error 1602 on second restoration.

4. Now unplug the power and restore for a third time, this should now be successful. If your Apple TV 2 won’t boot at this point hold down the menu and play button when plugging in the USB cable.

5. Plug back into your TV and you should be at the setup menu. (When plugging into your tv and turning up your Apple TV may take a couple of minutes to initialise.

Reverse Scroll Direction in OS X Lion

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In OS X Lion Scrolling is set to ‘natural’ by default – meaning swiping your fingers up pushes the page down as is on the iPhone or iPad.

To disable this and set scrolling to normal:

1. Open System Preferences

2. Click Trackpad

3. Click Scroll & Zoom tab

4. Untick ‘Scroll direction: natural’

Html Form Buttons not displaying correctly in mobile safari [Solved]

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This is problem caused by safari attempting to default buttons in the mobile browser to its own apple look. A simple fix can be done using CSS. First add a class to your input button tag in the form which you may already have put there:

[sourcecode language=’html’][/sourcecode]

then in your stylesheet add the following to fix the issue once and for all:

[sourcecode language=’css’].mySubmitClass {
-webkit-appearance: none;