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BES Express Handset Server Activation

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You can activate a Blackberry by plugging it into your BES Server with a USB cable.

1. Login to Blackberry Administration Service

2. Create User without activation password.

3. Plugin Blackberry via USB – wait 30 seconds.

4. Expand Attached Devices and click Scan if it doesn’t pick up automatically.

5. Click Mange Current Device

6. Click Assign the current device to a user

7. Search for User

8. Select User and Click Associate User

9. Wait upto 30 seconds.


Note: If Attached Devices comes up blank do the following:

1. Make sure you’ve enabled the ActiveX Control – The ActiveX Control is what lets BES See USB Devices.
2. Make sure you plugged the device in after logging into the BES Admin Service


If you can’t run the ActiveX Control:

Tools -> Internet Options -> choose the Security tab
Click the Custom Level button
Enable the following settings:
Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins
Initialize and script ActiveX control not marked as safe.