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Cannot Open Printers and Faxes

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When you try to open printers and faxes nothing happens. You have rebooted but this does not help.

1.)  Click Start -> Run –  type services.msc
2.)  Right click on Print Spooler and click stop.
3.)  Delete all files from C:\windows\system32\spool\printers\
4.)  Start the Print Spooler from services.

Restart print spooler in Windows XP / Server 2003

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Go to Start > Run > type in Services.msc

Scroll down and select Print Spooler

Right click and click restart

You should get a windows showing the print spooler stopping and then starting again.

This can be used to fix the majority of stuck print jobs, or if a printer has simply stopped responding.

Installing a Printer on PC Anywhere 9.0

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1  Make a pcAnywhere connection to the host computer.

2   On the host computer, launch pcAnywhere.

3   Click Tools > Application Options. The Application Options window appears.

4    Click the Remote Printing tab, and then click Add. A printer selection list appears.

5    Select the printer manufacturer and the printer model from the list, and then click Next.

6    Enter a name for the printer, and then click Finish.

This printer is automatically assigned to Pcaw.prn.

You can then go through the add printer wizard in Windows – select Local Printer then the pcaw.prn port.

Perform a cold reset on a hp 4600 series

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If you HP 4600/4650 printer is giving you a bit of stick then it might be a good idea to perform a “cold reset”.

This can be acheived by doing the following.

Power off the printer (duh!)

Press and hold the green checkmark button.

Turn on the printer and continue to hold down the button.

The printer should make its usual whirring sounds and will eventually come to a point where all three indicator lights are solidly lit up. When you reach this point release the button. Use the arrows to navigate down the menu to “cold reset” and press the green checkmark button.

The printer will perform a “cold reset” and should hopefully be free from any minor glitches.